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Welcome to Mr. Matt .NET!

From here you can browse the site and learn about Cinematography Merit Badge and Computers Merit Badge. You can also learn about how I help in the Scouting Organization with Troop 101.

Take a trip and learn how to make a simple web site! Learn in depth by following the helpful links that are provided.

The Photo Gallery is a collection of images from 1975 to the present that I help maintain for Boy Scout Troop 101.

Having Computer trouble? See some common problems and their solutions on the computer help section. Inside are many problems I have come accross with Windows 7, Vista, and Windows XP. and the solutions that i have found to work with the problems.

Can't find something? Check out the Site Map, or contact me to see if I can help fix the problem remotely. Or if you think you might be interested, check out my other sites to see some other fun stuff.


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