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Troop 101.netThe site I most proactively update and work with is for Troop 101 of Warren Ohio, located at This is a site that I helped redesign and improve, and in doing so I learned ASP.

The site has recently gone through several changes including changes to the front page, photo gallery, video gallery and many more "behind the scenes" pages

Click the Image to visit the site, and feel free to contact me with questions/comments.

Chickagami.netAs part of Troop 101, we have established this site for the former BSA Camp Chickagami in Parkman, Ohio. This camp is now owned and operated as a park, rather than a scout camp. However we have set this site up to the memory and tradition of Chickagami. In time it will hopefully become a place to visit, share memories, and enjoy the history of this camp.
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